Design Directions bags Business World-NID Excellence Award 2006

Pune, Jan 22 | Updated: Jan 23 2007, 05:55am hrs
An indigenous cardiac cathlab designed by Pune-based Design Directions Pvt Ltd for Alpha X-ray Technologies India Pvt Ltd bagged the Business World-NID Design Excellence Awards 2006 for the best medical device. This is the fourth time in a row that Design Directions, owned by designer duo Satish and Falguni Gokhale, has been among the awards.

This first indigenous fixed room cardiac cathlab system is a 100% import substitute and Alpha has started competing with world majors such as GE, Philips, Siemens, Shimadzu and Toshiba in the Indian market. Alpha has now introduced this device, Corona, in the market and giving Indian cardiologist an option to imported machines.

With the number of cardiac patients in India and more cardiac procedures being conducted every day, there was a need felt for an accurate, efficient, and low cost cathlab to carry out angioplasty procedures.

This is what Alpha and Design Directions developed together. Alpha is in the business of design, development and manufacturing of cardiac cathlabs used for interventional cardiac procedures. Since the launch of the Corona, 200 procedures have already been performed using the device.

With the Corona, India joins the list of select six organisations in the world that design/develop and manufacture the fixed room cardiac cathlab system. Corona is also the first fixed room cardiac cathlab to receive the type approval for radiation safety from the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board.

According to Falguni Gokhale, the design brief was to create a machine with a grand appearance commensurate with the product cost, user-friendliness, ergonomic comfort, cost effectiveness and upgradeability. It had to be comparable with the best of the competing multinational brands like GE, Siemens, Philips, Shimadzu and Toshiba but had to be considerably less expensive than the competition to purchase and maintain.

The main implication of the design was to reduce the costs of this high-tech, life saving, critical product. Corona is significantly lower in price than all its competitors without compromises of any features, Gokhale said.