Demarches And Dinner Diplomacy

Updated: Oct 26 2002, 05:30am hrs
Thursdays peace talks held at 7, Race Course Road had the Prime Ministers Office worried. Given the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) chief, K S Sudarshans tendency to talk tough, it was feared that the talks could spin out control and the dinner hosted by the PM would be cancelled. And no one really relished the prospect of going home hungry!

Well, as fate decreed, things went smoothly and the invitees were well-fed. In such an agreeable and positive frame of mind, both the RSS and the government leaders publicly tom-tommed a return to cordial relations. But eavesdropper has learnt that the RSS had, in fact, given a demarche to the government on its conduct of economic policy. According to an RSS insider, the government was told that it was out of sync with popular needs.

Telling Absence
A high-brow meeting in North Block saw top minds in the country mulling over the fate of IFCI, but the top brass of the financial institution was missing: The official explanation was that there was no place for the management in what was an exercise to assess the impact of any misfortune that might befall its major stakeholders. According to behind-the-scenes talk though, the decisionmakers had had enough of the IFCI bowl going around for funds and wanted to be spared of the agony of hearing out the IFCI chairman all over again. Anyway, he probably got the best deal this time round, having avoided lengthy sermons about the sick organisation he heads! And thats in addition to the belief held by mandarins at Raisina Hill that he is doing virtually nothing to arrest IFCIs slide into the abyss.

Ready For Action
The Turkish armed forces have begun installing a Radiation Early Alarm System network along the border with Iraq. There are another 51 RESA stations in south-east Turkey which are to be activated by the Atomic Energy Commission as and when the US launches military operations. And yes, the Turks are also counting on early warnings from their American allies.