Dell Intl Services Eyes Software Design Space

Bangalore: | Updated: Jul 19 2002, 05:30am hrs
Dell International Services India Ltd (DIS) is all set to foray into software design services, which will help it focus on building a suite of products for enterprise customers, mainly in the area of storage/server products.

DIS operations in India include the companys call centre and customer support business and the newly formed technology services team that has crossed the 1,000-person mark.

The company has also announced the appointment of Mr Mohan S Kharbanda as vice-president, Dell International Services India. He will be responsible for the expansion and growth of business.

Prior to this appointment, Mr Kharbanda was the vice-president (customer experience) for the Americas, after having worked with companies like Cummins, Honeywell and Xerox Corporation.

Speaking to the media, Mr Kharbanda said DIS in India was already offering customer support services for six English-speaking countries including the USA, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Not only are we offering services to the customers, we are also in the business-to-business customer relationship area.

Another new area is technical services, for which we have partnered with players like Microsoft, Oracle, Red Hat, etc., to use their tools to develop our own suite of products for enterprise customers, Mr Kharbanda said.

Dell has also set up yet another software development team in Bangalore that will focus on building applications for the companys internal IT requirements.