Delhi most prosperous but unsafe, says report

Written by feBureau | New Delhi | Updated: Sep 1 2013, 16:10pm hrs
Indias capital city has emerged as the most prosperous with average per capita income of R2 lakh per annum and the states economy growing faster than the national average, but it is perhaps the most unsafe place with rape and kidnapping rates higher than any other metros, the Delhi Human Development Report 2013 released on Saturday by vice-president Hamid Ansari said.

With the gross state domestic product (GSDP) increasing more than three times from R10.03 lakh crore in 2004-05 to R36.57 lakh crore, an average Delhiite now earns three times that of an average Indian.

The high level of growth has also contributed to a decline in poverty over the years. Currently, less than 10% of the states population is below the poverty line, the report said, but added that it was a gross under-estimation considering the high cost of living in metros like Delhi. Indias overall poverty ratio is at 21.9%, as per the latest estimates of the Planning Commission.

Delhis crime rate, especially against women and children, remains a black spot in the overall development process. Although official estimates show the crime rate against women declined from 2004-06 to 2010-12, the rates of rape and kidnapping remain the highest during both periods, among all metropolitan cities.

A perception survey, conducted immediately after the gangrape of a 23-year-old in December in Delhi last year, revealed that less than one-third of respondents rated personal safety in Delhi as good or very good and the feeling that crime has gone up over the years was very high (90%).