Delhi CM Urges Leaders, Bureaucracy To Get Ready For Better Governance

New Delhi, Sept 24: | Updated: Sep 25 2003, 05:30am hrs
The two-day CII Lead-ership Sum-mit ended on a note of euphoria, tempered with a touch of caution. While Boston Consulting Group India chairman Arun Maira waxed eloquent on how the country was poised like a surfer on a wave that is building up, Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit warned that while this may be so, leaders and the bureaucracy also have to be poised for the take-off.

The challenge of governance is that while horizons have widened and industry has moved forward, governance has not kept pace and is still ruled by arch-aic rules and regulations, she said in her keynote address.

It is time that people had an introspection and also participated more actively through the system of Bhagirdari (peoples partnership) in the affairs of the nation, she said. She urged young people to be ready to take risks instead of opting for comfortable options and blaming politicians for all the countrys ills.

Giving examples of varied groups of women, rural communities and youth that have successfully turned around, leaving behind images of fireflies emerging out of the gloom, Mr Maira said, There are emerging aspirations and a vision of India that may not be articulated yet, but can be definitely felt.