Death of an enlightened leader

Updated: Dec 29 2007, 04:02am hrs
The tragic assassination of Benazir Bhutto is one of the most horrific events of 2007. Pakistan and South Asia have lost an enlightened and educated leader who would have modernised and brought hope to her country, and ensured stability in the region. I had the opportunity to meet her about three years ago, and she came across as a very elegant, intelligent and gracious lady. She was full of energy, vitality and had a bounce in her step, as if she knew she had a date with destiny. She was very warm and responsive, though we were meeting for the first time. It is terrible for someone young and energetic to be cut down in the prime of life when she had so much more to give her country and the world. Pakistan must ponder seriously now how it will curb extremists. And, I will never understand, why was Ms Bhutto not in a bullet-proof car

Rajendra K Aneja Dubai

Painful pointers

All concerns about the rising rupee (Rupee repercussions, Dec 24) are real. It may not be far-fetched to speculate that it might reach 30 to the dollar. Meanwhile, in spite of the currency worries, foreign investment is flowing in, and India Inc is learning to take advantage wherever it can. But has the government so far offered any worthwhile strategy to support SMEs so as to rescue their toplines and stem job losses The answer is a painful no. Also, as your editorial points out, labour reforms will have to take place without any ado.

A Jacob Sahayam Thiruvananthapuram