Deal That Went Sour

Updated: Aug 27 2004, 06:33am hrs
The article ‘Govt cracks whip on illegal sugar exports’ (Aug 21) mentions our company in connection with the alleged “illegal” export of sugar to EU. We would like to clarify that Shree Renuka Sugars Ltd has not exported any sugar to the EU under India’s preferential tariff rate quota.
It is a well-known fact that preferential quota exports need to have a specific endorsement on the Certificate of Origin issued in India as per relevant circulars of the DGFT. Also, there is an elaborate process of registration to be complied with by the importer in the EU for such quota imports.
A willful attempt has been made to drag our name into a controversy with which we have no connection.
— Narendra Murkumbi, MD, Shree Renuka Sugars Ltd

Our correspondent replies
We stand by our report. We have not said that Shree Renuka Sugar exported sugar to the EU under preferential quota. We have said that the government is enquiring whether the exports made by Shree Renuka Sugar and Ganapati Sugar Industries to EU in 2003 and 2004 were against preferential quotas or not. In fact, export records show that Shree Renuka Sugar exported 1,000 tonnes of sugar to Germany on June 6, 2003 vide RO no 508 at around $298.50 a tonne.

Telecom Stats
I refer to the article ‘Rabo bullish on telecom’ (Aug 23). It states that ‘India has been considered a key telecom destination by most overseas players with over four million wireless subscribers’.
But according to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India press release dated Aug 6, ‘During the first four months of current financial year, 5.85 million mobile subscribers have been added, making it a total of 39.45 million mobile subscribers at the end of July 2004.’
Bhaskorjeet Borgohain

The figure should have read 40 million and not 4 million. The error is regretted. --Editor

What A Waste
Unfortunately, the Parlia-ment on Monday passed the Rs 40,000-crore rail budget without discussion and it will pass the Union budget similarly.
In other words, the government will spend Rs 4,77,000 crore of people’s money without a parliamentary debate.
It is learnt that the Parlia-ment spends approximately Rs 24,000 per minute on conducting business. Is it not the right timefor the UPA government to concede the main demand of the opposition, ie, ask the ‘tainted’ ministers to resign from its cabinet
V Krishnakumar

DTH Date
It should be very interesting for every Indian to know about the actual launch of DTH services. The test transmission is on and that is nice. But will I get the actual or at least probable date of launch of the same