Customary reality check!

Updated: Aug 4 2005, 05:30am hrs
Its not often that Nobel Prize winners are flummoxed! But then, as Prof Amartya Sen discovered on his arrival at London airport some months ago, its not all that rare either.

The immigration official on duty looked at his Indian passport and at the accompanying document where hed given his address as Master, Trinity College, Cambridge, which is where the Nobel laureate is at present.

And then, evidently not quite believing his eyes, asked Prof Sen: Is the Master a friend of yours Poor man! He obviously could not quite reconcile himself to the fact that an Indian could be Master at that very British institution!

Grateful son

In the Indian psyche, mothers have always occupied an exalted position. But even by those standards, it is doubtful if shareholders at Reliance Industries Ltd were quite prepared for Anil Ambanis very public demonstration of his love for his mother, Kokilaben.

Saying that his mother had given birth to him twice, once in June 1959 and then again in June 2005, the younger Ambani went on to pour the most fulsome praise on her.

Not content with that, he asked all those present at the Annual General Body Meeting to give a standing ovation to his mother.

As the audience rose to its feet as one, equally grateful no doubt that the family matriarch had saved the company from a long-drawn out painful split, it was a proud mother who acknowledged her sons gushing tribute. Mamma Mia!!