CSR is an income-generating activity for Paharpur Business Centre

Updated: Nov 13 2005, 05:30am hrs
AT Paharpur Business Centre (PBC), our efforts have been directed towards improving our performance measured by the triple bottomline profit, care for environment and social responsibility. For us, corporate social responsibility (CSR) does not mean signing cheques in the name of charity.

For us CSR is an income-generating activity, too. It has helped our bottomlines in terms of becoming less non-renewable energy dependent, achieving high efficiency scores among employees and establishing small-scale benefitting business from the system, like making manure from the organic waste from our office canteen. Such initiatives have established our company as a responsible corporate citizen. Since we are a state-of-the-art, environmentally attractive one-stop shop for international corporates entering India, we are also promoting the Haryana Technology Park in Faridabad. A LEED-certified green building, it is expected to be ready for occupation by January 2008.

The same thought stands behind the Paharpur Business Centre Art Gallery. The gallery hosts art exhibitions themed on environment and allied sectors. PBCs share of proceeds from these exhibitions go to support the environmental initiatives undertaken by it. Besides, the gallery also supports Art for Environment through its attempt of providing a platform to eminent as well as upcoming artists to showcase their works on the subject.

PBC and its services are certified for ISO 9001:2000 for quality management systems, ISO 14001:1996 for environment management systems, SA 8000:2001 for social accountability and HCCP:2002 for food safety. We are also a party to the UN Global Compact and publish our sustainability report as per GRI guidelines.

One of our initiatives has been the Nehru Place Greens Project in South Delhi that has made a significant difference to the health, safety and quality of life of the otherwise suffocated area. PBC has been nurturing the Green Belt near its office by planting selected trees and vegetation, which have improved the ambience as well as the air quality of the place.

We also follow the concept of indoor air quality. The company has space allocated for its indoor plants which improve the quality of air in the official space. There are specialised plants for day use and night use. In fact, the affection towards plants is so much that the rooms in the business centre are named after various plants. The rooms, upgraded with every kind of technological know-how, pump the fresh air and consume low energy. The methodology and its maintenance come free of cost to all the 35 companies present at the centre.

Apart from following the green theme as a regular practice, the company also celebrates green days like the Earth Day calling upon others to come forward for the cause. The efforts have always been welcomed by those involved, which has further encouraged them to adopt the cause in their business practices. Moreover, the kind of practices we have put in our system are open for all.

Companies have been showing interest in the whole system, which again adds value to our identity as a responsible corporate. PBC aims to be a partner of choice for companies in India who are planning to set up operations and to be the preferred service provider in their sustainability initiatives.

Kamal Meattle is CEO, Paharpur Business Centre, Software Technology Incubator Park.
As told to Jyoti Verma