CPM shoots down CPIs idea of withdrawing support to UPA

New Delhi, Apr 29 | Updated: Apr 30 2007, 05:30am hrs
The Left parties, particularly the CPI and CPI(M), have once again crossed swords over the issue of withdrawing support from the Congress-led UPA government. The CPI(M) rejected the CPI appeal to consider the option of withdrawing support from the UPA.

CPI(M) general secretary Prakash Karat on Sunday made it clear his outfit had no plans to withdraw support from the Manmohan Singh government. His observations came two days after the Left ally, CPI, asked all like-minded outfits to consider the option of pulling out in protest against UPA governments anti-people policies.

Two days ago, CPI leader Gurudas Dasgupta had launched a scathing attack on the UPA government and exhorted the Left parties to consider the option of withdrawing support from the government.

Speaking in the Capital, Karat made it clear though his outfit would work for a third alternative, it has no intention of withdrawing support from the government. Incidentally, for the Marxists, there is a distinct difference between a third alternative and a third front. The Marxists have always stressed on the need for a third alternative, rather than a third front. For them, the alternative has to be based on policies, while the third front is an immediate electoral necessity. Karat said the third alternative should emerge and work together on a common platform. Such an alternative is yet to take shape, he indicated. Indicating that destabilising the government would only help the BJP, Karat, however, criticised the policies of the UPA government and felt it needed a course correction.

On the Nandigram issue, Karat said both the CPI(M) and the Marxist government in West Bengal should learn lessons from the episode. He, however, was confident that Nandigram was not going to erode the Left parties base in the state. Claiming that industrialisation was needed in West Bengal, Karat felt lands should be acquired only after proper consultation with local people and farmers, and after adequate compensations. The CPI(M) general secretary also made it clear that the party was against the recent SEZ policy announced by the government.