Corporates raid blogosphere

Written by Garima Pant | Updated: Dec 14 2008, 05:57am hrs
In the beginning there were blogs. The blogs were by the people. The blogs were the people.

The opening lines of the book Corporate Blogging in India truly depicts the phenomenal growth of blogosphere. The effectiveness of this social platform was clearly evident recently when examples of microblogging through websites like Twitter could be seen actively contributing to mainstream media during the recent Mumbai terror attacks.

What began as a chance encounter with the blog world for journalist Preeti Chaturvedi three years back made her delve deeper into blogging. For me blogging was very empowering as it gave me a platform to air my views and also helped me fulfil my wish of starting a journal on popular culture, says Chaturvedi.

She met her co-author Rajeev Karwal in the blogworld, who was an avid blogger himself. She explained her concept of asking the Indian corporate sector about the blog world and they decided to pen down their findings as a book. I found that blogs are a profitable business model as they help in customer relationship management. One gets to read multiplicity of thoughts, she says.

Her book brings to light the tremendous growth in social media and thereby opening up plethora of opportunities for the corporate sector to use it to reach out to their internal and external audience in order to establish better communication.

Chaturvedi cites a recent research by Technorati that shows bloggers who advertise have mean annual revenue of $6,000. With close to 200 million blogs generating content, India alone having around 1.5 million active bloggers by a modest estimate, blogging is clearly mainstream media, and organisations are becoming aware of this. Chaturvedi was pretty surprised with the response she received from the corporate world, including some of the old world companies.

The book brings out the awareness about blogging in the corporate world and the importance to start their own blogs. Each chapter of the book has a humorous illustration, which makes for an interesting read.