Corporate world is forcing this behaviour

Updated: Nov 27 2006, 05:30am hrs
Many of the well-established professionals in this day and age are turning away from the corporate world and it is interesting to note that many of these people actually are enjoying themselves away from the everyday routine of the not-so-important daily chores that they are used to administering for years together.

It is unfortunate that the corporate world is forcing this behaviour and especially so in individuals, who are well-respected, are efficient and effective in whatever they do. When they leave, they leave behind a question mark in the minds of many colleagues they part with for apparently they seem to be doing well, are well-placed, their career path is well carved out and yet they leave.

Does this have anything to do with the politics that exists in the organisations Or is it that these apparently well placed individuals are really not as efficient as they appear to be Or maybe they have realised their true worth and are just happy the way they are without the feeling of having to prove anything either to themselves, to anyone else and the world at par.

The word politics in itself has different connotations for different people. You ask the CEOs and they shall term whatever is happening as organisational change. You ask the senior managers who are aligned to the CEOs and they shall call it the same but with a mischievous twinkle in their eye.

Then why is it that these terms are being so loosely used all across the industry Isnt it necessary for all to understand the significance of these changes, the significance of the politics; for to my mind the two words are two sides of the same coin It just depends on which view of the coin you have at a particular point in time.

So are we saying that it is really a myth and actually it is essential for the changes to happen and in the process some may loose and some may win, for after all there is precious little space at the top.

But the fact remains that the stress levels in the industry are extremely high. Gone are the days of the fixed timings job every employee works 24x7 and happily so for they understand it is a need of the global village we now operate in.

More importantly, they understand it is extremely important to connect for unless they do so they will be losers in this game of organisational change alias politics. This forces them to maintain a 24x7 schedule for after all just connecting is not enough they also need to perform!

The smart ones just connect and use the not so fortunate ones to work and help them in performing. So obviously the ones who slog and work hard do not get the time to connect and never get the recognition that they should be getting for, in their zest to rise they forget to acknowledge either intentionally or unintentionally the work done by their colleagues.

I am reminded of an incident where a very senior person impressed by his colleagues work told him Are you only going to be working you should be blowing your trumpet and showcasing your work around. It is entirely up to each individual to decide the way their careers shape.

Then where does this stress arise fromfrom the feeling that what others are doing is better than what they are doing. This feeling of inadequacy and not inadequacy is what gives rise to the blame game that has been given the name of corporate politics. It is important for the corporate to rise to the challenge of yet another organisational change that enables people to recognise their individual worth and feel happy about it. To be able to understand the dignity of labour and be able to live with pride wherever they are and whatever they do.

The writer is principal consultant,