Corporate Blank Out

Updated: Apr 30 2004, 05:30am hrs
In the corporate world, there exist media-savvy corporate executives who are eager to see their name in print on issues that both concern and dont concern them. And there are also those who dont hesitate to make their dislike for the media known upfront. In fact, some have even come up with innovative ideas to keep journalists at arms length.

At a recent press meet in Mumbai, when a journalist walked up to the companys managing director to exchange business cards, all that the executive gave out was a card which showed his and the companys name. The rest of the card was blank with no telephone numbers, office address or for that matter even his e-mail id.

When the journalist expressed her surprise at the special card and asked for some contact numbers, the corporate honchos cold reply was: You know my corporate communications people...I only speak through them!

Spammed Out
Spam, all that unsolicited junk we receive in our e-mail inboxes, has found a rather new and creative use to destroy itself! One might call that an identity crisis of sorts, but a spam message received recently was from one Margarita Gordon from some unpronounceable e-mail address which said:

If you have received this message, then your spam blocking program is ineffective.

After that it goes on to advertise a spam blocking product available on the Internet and invites the hapless e-mail user to try it for free. And sagely it goes on to add, ...your time is valuable, so having your inbox flooded with junk messages is not only annoying, but also costly. And the clincher: The spammer sent the message 11 times.