Consumers always have the ability to surprise marketers: Arvind RP, Kaya

After hours with Arvind RP, VP & Head – Marketing & Product Retail, Kaya.

Consumers always have the ability to surprise marketers: Arvind RP, Kaya

1The job: Constant learning is key, given the dynamic nature of consumer marketing and how digital is fast shaping consumer behaviour. I also believe that a marketer should never forget that he/ she is also a consumer. Interacting with different offerings as a consumer also feeds into what one does as a marketer. I have always been humbled by consumer power; how consumers always have the ability to surprise marketers. A big challenge is to balance strategy with flawless execution. As customer experience is of prime importance in my industry, straddling the two (strategy and execution) can be both exciting and challenging.

2The weekdays: Weekdays usually start off with a walk and with spending time with my son before he is off to school. I am a morning person so once I am in office, I give myself an hour to plan out my day and key priorities. I am then in control. Rest of the day is occupied with meeting agendas and creating/ reviewing action plans. I also look forward to market visits since the action is all there on the front-end at our stores. Additionally, I make sure to keep myself abreast of the trends in the areas of skincare, digital, marketing and strategy. On the way to work and as the last thing in the day, I read articles from Harvard Business Review, blogs like Recode, etc.

3The weekend: Weekends are usually family time. My wife and I love to catch on movies, be it Hollywood or Bollywood or going out for brunch at the club and of course, shopping. Weekends also give me an opportunity to spend some more quality time with my son and observe things that he is learning. I also help my son occasionally in his homework and take out time to play with him.

4The toys: I can?t live without my iPhone and I am totally dependent on it ! Since I love books and music, gadgets such as Kindle and Bose speakers are also indispensable. My weekend mornings usually start with music and that means my iPad and Bose. I have now several books on my Kindle which also seamlessly allows me to switch from one book to the other mid-way ? helping me with my old habit of reading 2-3 books simultaneously !

5The logos: I love to wear or use stuff which makes my routine comfortable and convenient and over the years I have indeed developed loyalties towards certain brands. I am an Apple lover by heart as it provides convenience to me in my routine. Apart from my iPhone, my iPad and iMac are key to my productivity. I have always been a Levi?s loyalist as its comfort level is unmatched. I also enjoy Starbucks coffee a lot..

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First published on: 04-11-2014 at 05:32 IST