Congress And Liberalisation

Updated: Mar 30 2004, 05:30am hrs
In his interview (Mar 29), Pranab Mukherjee has said that it is only the Congress that can bring in reforms and liberalisation. This is akin to saying that it is only Congress that is fit to rule India. It is this arrogance that has brought them to this sorry state. Pranab babu, with no mass base of his own, and most other heavies in Congress like him are responsible for the fast-sinking ship.

Great Reads
Is the CEO really a peoples person (Mar 27) is an excellent story and has given me very clear aspects of growing to the coveted chair. This shows that inspite of growth you still have to be a customer-caring person.
As usual, I enjoyed going through Simran Bhargavas article The art of personal energy management (Mar 20).
Rajiv Malik

Political Bankruptcy
Elections 2004 have exposed a number of things of Indian democracy and politics. About 3,500 candidates cheated the electorate in the past and they are disqualified, rather blacklisted, by the Election Commission for a period of three years. Media reports of various political parties and politicians changing parties only to be in power, indicate that they lack the essential qualities of patriotism, loyalty, service, and sacrifice to the country and citizens.
Recent Election Commission orders to various airports to check baggages for cash, when there are plenty of banks to deal in transactions, indicates that a lot of exchange of benefits to candidates is going on. By such reports, identifying the honest politician is like searching a proverbial needle in the haystack.
B S Ganesh

Opinion Poll
Refer to the news item NDA is back... (Mar 27) I am curious to know the name of the poll that predicted victory for the conservatives in Spain prior to or after the blasts.
Srikanthan K

Fruity Backlash
The report Quarantine Concern dated March 27 has systematically ignored the dumping of sub-standard products into India by underinvoicing. Should we assume that embassies have no idea what is happening Most of the developed countries food safety regulations are without scientific justification. Why are most of the OECD countries not willing to harmonise their food laws as per WTO guidelines It is high time frontline business newspapers start educating Indian business houses about the non-tariff barriers faced by Indian agricultural products in OECD countries.
We support every effort of the government of India on the quarantine front. This must be done on a war footing. Whatever is imported is good is not true in food and agriculture. In fact, it is more damaging because they are bringing new diseases which are not there in India.
Vijay Sardana
Centre for International Trade in Agriculture and Agro-based Industry
New Delhi