Commuting time in Mumbai the maximum, says study

Written by Vrishti Beniwal | New Delhi, Aug 15 | Updated: Aug 16 2007, 05:30am hrs
Working professionals in Mumbai spend maximum time commuting, leaving their counterparts in Delhi, Chennai and even Bangalore far behind, thanks to the massive traffic jams in the city.

Mumbaikars, however, also enjoy the maximum number of vacations in a year, followed by professionals in Pune, Bangalore and Delhi.

According to data available with PayScale, a US-based salary tracking firm, the average time spent in commuting by an employee in Mumbai is 47.26 minutes, which is more than 42.96, 37.91 and 36.08 spent by employees in Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai respectively.

In Hyderabad and Pune, people spend about 33.82 and 30.87 minutes travelling.

People with less than one years experience spend 53.67 minutes commuting, whereas professionals with over 20 years experience spend the least amount of time in doing so. But it seems Mumbaikars compensate for the extra travelling hours by taking more vacations than professionals in other cities.

People in the financial capital of India average about 2.67 weeks of vacation a year, whereas those in Pune get 2.55 weeks of vacation, followed by 2.36 in Bangalore and 2.26 in

Delhi. While Hyderabad professionals take about 2.22 weeks vacation, employees in Chennai take less than two weeks of vacation.

Project managers in software development get maximum vacation weeks (2.71). Going by employer type, it's the central government employees who enjoy as high as 3.31 weeks of vacation, followed by the state government employees at 2.98. They, however, spend a fairly large portion of time travelling, compared with their peers in private firms, who get only about two weeks of vacation. Employees in Accenture enjoy 2.74 weeks of vacation, followed by IBM, Oracle, HP, Wipro and Infosys.

While the vacation weeks for employees with more than 20 years experience averages at 2.92%, for professionals with less than one year of experience it is only 1.57%.

Surprisingly, females go on vacations less frequently than their male counterparts. People in the age group of 44-65 years take maximum leaves (2.86), against 1.88 in the 18-25 age group.