Communicating wrongly

Updated: Nov 21 2005, 05:30am hrs
The ministry of communications & information technology, as well as the departments and undertakings under it, often give huge advertisements in national dailies.

While the spectacular progress made by the communications and IT sector is commendable, one wonders whe-ther the content of such advertisements are only meant to please the minister, rather than conveying the ministry’s achievements to the public.
In the ads, the names of the dignitaries associated with various functions/programmes are prefixed with Thiru, Tmt, etc instead of the commonly used salutations like Mr/ Mrs/Shri/ Smt, etc. A majority of Indians do not understand the meaning of these Tamil words. Language is a medium of communication and it is inappropriate to use unfamiliar words from a
different language. Excepting quotations duly subtitled, use of a regional language in major national dailies is in bad taste.
It is paradoxical that the communications ministry, which is expected to be a trendsetter for effective communication, is setting a wrong precedent of bad communication.
- EM Adithyan

Iran vote
India’s opt-ions on Iran are really limited, as the latter has reportedly re-fused a last- ditch attempt by Russia to avoid a standoff at the UN on this issue. If the matter is put to vote, India will have no choice but to vote against Iran, as the stakes for us are too high to ignore.
For one, it would provide the much-needed ammunition to those in the US opposed to the Indo-US nuclear deal. Second, it will also immensely weaken our stand on nuclear non-proliferation.
- Navneet Dhawan