Colours of the season

Written by Hemant Somani | Updated: Nov 30 2009, 01:37am hrs
The wedding season is one of those times when one wants to spend and splurge on a lot of things. Colouring ones home is a priority that takes centre-stage during this time. Colour is, in fact, one of the quickest ways of adding zing to your home and make it wear a festive look. With the wedding season already on and Christmas and New Year around the corner, it is a good time to experiment with different looks and tones for your walls and make them speak aloud with style.

Bold, arresting colours have made a huge comeback this season. Make others sit up and take notice this season, by painting alternate walls in two different bold colours, like burgundy and green. This has a standout effect and is a style statement in itself. Gone are the days when all walls in a room used to be of the same colour.

Today, the colour on your wall is an extension of your personality, mood and lifestyle. Boring monochrome stale shades are long pass. Experimenting with different colours seems to be the order of the day. You could either paint one wall a bold colour and the others a lighter shade or alternate walls bold and light. The effect has to be one of harmony though. In fact, nicely done walls are the biggest room accessory and do not need to be supplemented with furniture. Minimalistic designing will help bring out the beauty of your wall colour. It is a good idea to decide on the tone and shade of ones wall keeping in mind the setting and colour of furniture, curtains etc. Bright bold colours would do wonders to an ethnic setup, whereas a pristine white look would complement a futuristic, urbane setting.

One trend, which is really the rage this season is to get one wall of a room painted with a special designer paint. Designer paints come with pre-built textures that are a great way to enhance the settings. In fact a lot of urbane households are experimenting with this look and getting one wall specially painted with these premium paints.

To help you make that final choice, paint companies are offering painting solutions through unique interactive stores where consultants offer customised tips on painting and also offer expert painting services. These unique paint studios provide the perfect opportunity for the whole family to come together and make an informed choice about the colour of their homes.

Colouring ones house is the fastest way to give it character and poise. It is a good idea to be careful about the kind of paint one is buying for the walls. Paints which are resistant to bacteria and water are a good idea to invest in. Buy paint according to the texture of the surface being painted.

There are separate paints for exterior and interior walls and for different surfaces like wood, tile etc. Paints with velvet smooth, soft textures are also available to give your walls that extra zing and feel. It is also very important to ensure that your paint is lead free, to prevent any toxic side effects to children and the environment. So go and splash your walls with colour this season and dont forget to make a wise investment.