Colour me perfect

Updated: Jul 30 2006, 05:30am hrs
Human mind tends to seek an environment that is commensurate with the nature of work that it is performing. Colours, which are an integral part of our environment, help in defining the purpose of enclosed space. Yes, colours can indeed be therapeutic because they can act as catalysts to create an effective work environment, which is healthy and balanced. Not many would contest that colour and lighting can have a direct infleunce on how you feel, your mental being, and your productivity.

All colours have certain inherent features, which help in enhancing the work environment in their own way. For instance, blue reflects duty, logic, calmness, communication and efficiency!

Green on the other hand indicates balance, harmony, and equilibrium; while grey portrays lack of confidence, depression, lack of energy and hibernation.

So, a right combination of colours is essential to create a balanced and healthy workspace.

Negative energy may set in when the colour scheme is not properly balanced, leading to stress and strain at the workplace.

For example, excessive usage of red would induce defiance, aggression, and strain. Excess of blue gives an impression of coldness and unfriendliness. Orange, on the other hand, creates a sense of frustration. It is true of almost every colour we have. Excessive brown, for instance, creates a feeling of heaviness and lack of humour.

In short, all colours have inherent positive as well as negative energies. To enhance the flow of positive energy in an office environment, we need to balance a combination of various colours like blue, green, etc. Thus, the colour scheme monochromatic, analogous, or complementary is a matter of personal choice. Begin with imagining how you want your office to feel when you enter it. For instance, an animation expert or cartoonist would prefer bright and cheerful colours that inspire their creativity and a lawyer would like to opt for more traditional colours like grey or white with a complementary second colour.

Balance is the most important feature of colour therapy. Neither black nor white. Right combination of all colours is the ideal scheme of an office to enhance working environment.

The author is principal architect, Aadharshila.

(As told to Kiran Yadav)