Colour and communication

Updated: Nov 14 2004, 05:30am hrs
Canon recently launched The Canon Solutions Lab in Mumbai. In todays environment, customers dont need to know the technical aspects of a product. They are more interested to know what it can do for their current workflow. This is evident for customers who have to make large investment decisions pertaining to digital imaging solutions to be deployed across their enterprises, explains Lakshminarayan Rao, assistant director, Office Systems and Solutions (marketing), Canon India.

The digital imaging solutions lab showcases three workflow solutions: print on demand, document management solutions and colour in office. The lab helps customers understand how colour can be an enabler in maximising communication impact and how it can lead to improved efficiency and productivity. Colour is perceived as a luxury. But, according to many surveys, colour increases the readers attention span and recall by almost 82%, adds Mr Rao. For example, telephone listings printed in colour can increase responses by 44% and that people are 55% more likely to pick up a full-colour piece of mail first. Colour emphasises critical information and conveys a sense of professionalism, says Mr Rao.

Studies also indicate that colour can reduce search time and errors by about 80% and it can increase payment response by up to 30%. In fact, people are 2.5% more likely to pay the full amount when it is shown in colour.

Colour codes

It goes without saying, clothes certainly leave an impact on the onlooker. Heres a rundown on what certain colours signify.

If you wear red

Red indicates vital force. You are impulsive, energetic, ambitious and like things to happen quickly when you want them to do so. In short, you like to be the best in everything you do but you also tend to become irritable and bad tempered if things dont go your way.

If you wear pink

You are affectionate, sympathetic and understanding. At times, you may lack willpower and thereby show weakness. You need a great deal of support from others and can be childlike in behaviour.

If you wear orange

You are competent, independent and self-motivated. Orange denotes practicality and creativity. Your energy levels are high. This may sometimes lead to restlessness. Bright orange and burnt orange can make you feel frustrated and blocked. Try wearing peach, which will direct your energy to others in a more caring way.

If you wear yellow

Bright yellow represents spontaneity and communication. You have a stimulating personality.

If you wear green

You are an observer in life, but do not wish to get involved more than you have to. A quiet life suits you best. You are benevolent and service-oriented. Green also denotes a fine eye for detail. A pale yellow and a green combination dress can help you feel optimistic.

If you wear white

White denotes a well-balanced personality. You seek a simple lifestyle free from outside pressures. You have chosen a pure colour because you are going through a transitional period.

If you wear gray

It gives the impression of self-sufficiency. Those who wear gray have a tendency to isolate themselves, which can lead to loneliness. At times, you maybe passive because you feel stressed and overburdened. People who wear gray are usually good critics.

If you wear brown

Brown clothing suggests an honest, down-to-earth person who likes a structured lifestyle. A lover of good things in life, you appreciate good food and drinks.In all, brown is a protective colour.

If you wear black

You are strong-willed and disciplined. Black represents renunciation and those who choose to wear black constantly want to renounce everything out of a stubborn protest. Wearing black on certain occasions shows you have control of yourself and can communicate an authoritative image. u