Citizens forum gearing up to assess situation aftermath Bali

Written by ASHOK B SHARMA | New Delhi, Dec 16 | Updated: Dec 17 2007, 07:31am hrs
The Citizens Global Platform (India) in response to the Bali declaration has said, the issues of climate change should be strategically made a very serious issue with wider awareness campaign at all levelslocal community, children and youth in every corner of the countryand efforts, to address the impacts of climate change from the grass root level to policy level should be encouraged. CGP-I is part of the global initiative by civil society actors in Tanzania and Finland, Brazil and open to all those interested in global issues.

The public transport system should be encouraged to reduce carbon emission. People should be mobilized to boycott products that are not eco-friendly and products from countries that are not taking efforts to cut down their emission.

CGP-I is convening a global conference in Nagpur on December 29, this year to take stock of the situation aftermath the Bali conference, said the convenor, Y David

Efforts should be made to cut emissions in the energy sector. Instead of coal, there can be a strong expansion of the use of the renewable energy and other low carbon energy sources like solar energy, wind energy that could meet India's energy demand, said the CGP-I coordinator, Mukesh Bahuguna.

CGP-I alleged that the State has become the manager of water resources and has taken over the role from communities and households and is promoting privatization of water resources and is embarking upon construction of large dams and development projects affecting the eco-system. Alternatively, CPG suggested small and micro-harvesting systems as an integral part of basin wise planning and local self-government (panchayats) vested with the responsibility of equitable water sharing.

It urged that rivers in India and all over the world should be protected as nature's property and utmost care has to be given to control pollution in water bodies. More investment should be made on research for locally available eco-friendly energy sources and national institutes should be established to encourage initiatives for alternate eco-friendly energy sources. Climate change mitigation must not be viewed in isolation from other highly important challenges, such as equitable access to energy, clean water, alleviating poverty and achieving economic growth in emerging markets.

CGP-India group called for an integrated approach to the problem from the production to consumption level .The real solution to global warming lies in the change in the paradigm of development. There should be a total change in the present model of production which encourages competition and exploitation. Development should be people-centered, eco-friendly for every creation of nature to sustain its livelihood.