Cisco to focus on intelligent information networks

Sydney | Updated: Nov 30 2004, 05:30am hrs
Cisco Systems plans to increase focus on its recent initiative, the Intelligent Information Networks (IIN). The expanded area of focus will include storage, IP telephony, video, cable, converged packet networks and wireless for its expansion. Cisco has also earmarked $1 billion for the new growth markets and is looking for strategic partnerships.

In an intelligent information network, the traffic is given priority according to the applications of an enterprise, unlike a traditional network, which sends all data as packets.

Today, enterprises use applications like ERP (enterprise resource planning), CRM (customer relation management) and business intelligence tools, said the director, Foundation Technologies, Asia Pacific, Cisco Systems, Sharat Sinha.

Intelligent networks prioritise packets and based on the application, networks re-route traffic if it is jammed, he said.

In other words, for instance, when a network is overloaded, the system finds new routes for an urgent email to reach its destination, while keeping other less important applications on hold.

Cisco has also embedded more functionality, such as security, IP telephony and content caching into its routers and switches, as part of the intelligent network initiative. For security, Cisco has teamed with companies such as Trend Micro, McAfee and Symantec to create solutions that prevent infected devices from accessing the network.

The network is fundamental to the IT infrastructure. Intelligence in the network increases the adaptability of the infrastructure and ties all the elements of the infrastructure together, said Gordon Astles, president-Asia Pacific, and senior vice president, Cisco Systems.

Based on this technology, Cisco is introducing new routers and switches.

We were working on this technology for the last six months or so. Recently we introduced these products in India, he said.

Mr Astle said that in the US, telecom infrastructure was more or less in place, while growing markets such as China and India provide immense opportunity for the new products.

Today India is the most talked country within Cisco. We believe broadband is the next wave in India. Our new products will address this market, he said.

Cisco is looking at service providers, enterprises, banks, financial institutions, government, manufacturing and telecom industry for its new products.

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