'Cisco SMB solutions are built ground-up'

Written by Monalisa Sen | Updated: Mar 31 2011, 07:55am hrs
Cisco is focusing on the small and medium business in India with a new seamless communication programme that allows employees, customers and partners to connect anytime, anywhere, on any device. Avinash Purwar, senior vice-president, Cisco India, tells SME World's Monalisa Sen about the benefits of Cisco's Borderless Networks.

Around the world, technology companies are focusing on the SMB sector. What could be a reason for that

According to AMI partners, there are over 7.6 million SMBs in India. Today, SMBs are looking at aggressive growth and factors such as operational efficiency, employee productivity, cost containment and network security. They want to enhance their ability to react to competitive pressures. Hence, they are hence willing to invest in technologies that not only provide them with competitive advantage but also put them on a par with their global counterparts. Naturally, technology companies are focusing on SMBs, offering a host of solutions.

For Cisco, the SMB market has been a steadily growing segment, and it could very well even be our fastest-growing.

Cisco has recently launched its Borderless Profithon Programme for SMBs. Please elaborate on the same.

SMB & mid-markets are a key area of focus for Cisco. Since 2004, Cisco has spent over $3 billion on R&D to develop customized SMB products and solutions that are affordable and easy to use. Our policy is to ensure that SMB solutions are built ground-up for their needs, and we do not retrofit enterprise-class products.

Borderless Profithon is a partner programme from Cisco to accelerate Borderless Networks Business. Key aspects of the programme are continued investment in enabling the partners, incentive programme for partner sales teams and special price offers for our partners.The product range covers routing, switching, security and wireless technologies. These products deliver significant value to customers, who would like to build networks that are faster in application delivery, video-ready, energy-efficient, mobile and secure.

What is the Borderless Networks architecture

With its Borderless Networks portfolio, Cisco delivers systems capabilities that facilitate increased business innovation with video, mobility, and security. Borderless Networks is a comprehensive architecture, which incorporates routing, switching, mobility, security, and wide area network (WAN) optimisation using Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) solutions.

How is Borderless Networks architecture relevant for the Indian SMB market

Borderless Networks Architecture delivers services such as Energywise, Medianet, Application Velocity, Cleanair and Trustsec.

Energywise provides opportunity for our customers to understand their energy consumption (base lining) and enables application of energy policies on energy consuming infrastructure (PC, servers, access points, IP phones, building systems etc) to save cost.

Medianet delivers unmatched video experience for effective corporate communication, e-learning and video surveillance. SMB customers use cloud based applications for their supply chain, business management, etc.

Application velocity offers reliable connectivity. CleanAir service improves air quality, and Trustsec enables an identity based secured access to resources in the network.

Are Indian SMBs ready to adopt new technology

SMB clients in India are increasingly tech savvy. As per a recent AMI Partners report, SMB spending in India on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), a key component of cloud computing, is anticipated to rise by 43% in 2011. More than 10% of Internet-owning Indian SMBs have shown interest in adopting cloud computing in the next year.

Infrastructure is gradually falling into place to support greater cloud growth within India SMBs. The availability of affordable and quality broadband services is a major driver for cloud computing. The development of virtualisation is another key booster.