Celtycs Develops New CRM Package For Contact Centres

Bangalore: | Updated: Oct 17 2003, 05:30am hrs
City-based consulting start-up, Celtycs Management Services Pvt Ltd, has developed a new methodology backed by software tools for enhancing the performance of contact centres. The methodology, to be launched as a branded package, would enable contact centres to increase their customer satisfaction levels by 50-80 per cent, said Celtycs managing director, MD Ramaswami.

The company has also formed a global alliance LimeBridge with nine other CRM (customer relationship management) consulting companies, aimed at sharing and implementing global best practices and methodologies.

Speaking with eFE, Mr Ramaswami said, Our objective is to enable remote servicing of business processes from India and the key focus is to enable performance improvement for contact centre companies.

Outsourcing in India provides direct cost advantage for customers which can be further increased by enhancing performance in the workplace. By utilising the methodology offered by Celtycs, contact centre players are able to increase their customer satisfaction levels by 50-80 per cent, he said.

Celtycs services for clients are based on four Is Identify the processes that can be moved to India; Implement the business in India for the client in terms of partner identification, infrastructure creation, build-operate-transfer; Inter-face between the client and the outsourcing partner and Improve the performance of processes, people, infrastructure, customer experiences etc.

On attrition, a major problem faced by contact centres, Mr Ramaswami said, leadership, especially at the middle management, has a key role to play in bringing down attrition rates in a company. Workforce in India is more emotionally driven than anywhere else in the world. The middle leadership can leverage this, he said.

There are firms where attrition levels differ across groups depending on the leadership provided in each group, he added. Celtycs currently has around 14 customers out of which eight have used the companys new services.