Celebrate women in business, says Cyrus Mistry

Written by ENS Economic Bureau | New Delhi | Updated: Jun 19 2013, 14:22pm hrs
Tata groupTata group chairman Cyrus Mistry.
Workplaces that celebrate women naturally benefit from better decisions, therefore, companies need to do much more to retain, develop and grow their women employees, said Cyrus Mistry in his first communication to shareholders as the chairman of Tata Global Beverages Limited.

In our company, as well as in most industry sectors across the world, we have a long way to go if we are to truly celebrate women in our businesses, said Mistry, adding that at Tata Global Beverages, women have contributed significantly across diverse areas such as plantations, tea blending rooms, marketing or manufacturing locations, and the companys board room. The focus of Tata Global Beverages annual report this year is women in our business.

When women are insufficiently represented in the workplace, we lose out on 50 per cent of the talent pool, said Mistry, adding that in an environment where human capital makes all the difference between success and failure, this is a massive loss that countries and corporates cannot afford.

Several research studies have established a strong correlation between GDP growth and empowering women in the workforce. While all of us hunger for faster economic growth, are we giving adequate thought to the subject of appropriate representation of women in the corporate world Mistry asked.

Making a case for providing mandatory safe and enabling environment for women employees in every organisation, Mistry said that while women bring rich and diverse perspectives to the workplace, it is equally true that many talented women drop out of the workforce in several

countries including India, creating a porous pipeline of talent.