Caught in a poverty time warp

Written by The Financial Express | Updated: Feb 27 2008, 03:26am hrs
It appears that government agencies are suffering from poverty of thought, since a revised definition of poverty is long overdue (Schemes for the poor fine..., Feb 26). Debates have been raging in the world about the causes and effects of poverty and ways to measure and tackle it. But, somehow, India is still stuck at the stage of defining poverty, which in laymans language means lack of basic needs for a minimum standard of life.

JS Broca, Noida

Prudent caveat

With reference to the news item (ICICI Pru to break-even in two years, Feb 22), we would like to clarify that that it will take two to three years for ICICI Prudential Life Insurance to break even, and it further would depend on the growth rate of the company. We also clarify that no forward looking statement was made with regard to the future growth rate and market share of the company being higher than the past.

Sujit Ganguli, ICICI Prudential

Supremacy case

By rejecting the sons of the soil claims of Raj Thackeray (SC rejects Rajs theory, Feb 23), the apex court has not only put him in his place but also reaffirmed the supremacy of the Constitution. The verdict should serve as an eye-opener for selfish politicians who forget the invaluable sacrifices and services rendered by Indias freedom-fighters and founding fathers. Those raising socially divisive slogans should remember that its very easy to divide the nation in the name of caste, creed, language or religion (and rule), but extremely difficult to unite it.

Hansraj Bhat, Mumbai