Catching Up At AGMs

Updated: Jul 31 2003, 05:30am hrs
Annual general meetings of corporates also serve as occasions to catch up on gossip and much needed sleep. So it seems from what eavesdropper has gathered.

At a recent AGM, the head of the companys corporate communications department was found snoring away to glory, blissfully unaware of all around him. It was finally the chairmans closing remarks that awakened him from his slumber. When asked about this, he said that they had heard the same stuff so many times... it is now our time to relax all have to do the work now!

At the same AGM, two members had obviously not met for a very long time as they chatted through the entire meeting, regardless of what the chairman or the shareholders had to say. So next time round, dont be surprised if someone says, lets catch up at the AGM!

Customised Tones
With lots of Indian companies entering the general insurance industry by tying up with large foreign companies, theres been a marked change in the otherwise slow and mundane service that was earlier on offer. Apart from swanky offices and eloquent customer executives, the call-waiting music has also seen a sea change of late.

Gone are the days when one was made to hear unending loops of sare jahan se achcha or some classical music while officials took their time to attend to your call.

Consider Tata AIG, a joint venture general insurer. The music has been tailored to advertise their product. One call-waiting tone was the Grammy-winning song Dont worry, be happy. A second tone was the famous tujhko kya dar hai re (What and why do you fear). A third, was the platinum-selling Help! by The Beatles. And then a husky voice breaks in no fear, with Tata AIG.