Cash And Carry

Updated: Nov 15 2003, 05:30am hrs
A leading Indian tobacco company seems to have adopted a new strategy of promoting smokes with sweets. It may sound novel, but this strategy is driving some of the paanwallahs in the capital city crazy.

Heres what the company appears to be doing through its distributors. Vendors are offered cash to showcase their new and premium brands of cigarettes. However, after luring them so, they are forced to stock their candy a product that the company has recently introduced in the market.

As this occupies precious space, eavesdropper spotted one such paanwallah having a heated argument with a distributor explaining that there were no takers for their candy and asking that the package deal, imposed by the company, be discontinued.

What Is In A Name
At the CII retail summit in Delhi, the promoter of a large Delhi-based construction firm was being sought for an interview by a scribe. However, the executive wasnt present at what was supposedly his companys stall.

When the scribe intercepted the promoter later and asked, Sir, isnt this your stall, the exec, putting his hand around the journo said that the stall (with the same name as his company) was owned by the promoters brother who had split unceremoniously from the mother company but was still using the company name. Sure enough, the name was the same and the style it was written in, deceptively similar.

The rather aggrieved exec told the journo: We now have a stay order from the courts on them from using our company logo, but they continue to use our company name!

Well, until then, theres going to be confusion.