Case against Biman undemocratic: Left

New Delhi, April 19 | Updated: Apr 20 2005, 05:30am hrs
Supporting CPI-M polit bureau member and West Bengal minister Biman Boses decision to appeal to the Supreme Court against the Kolkata High Courts judgement against him, the four Left parties, along with some affiliate organisations spoke out against the verdict on the ground that it was undemocratic and took away the commn peoples right to peaceful protests.

The Kolkata High Court has slapped contempt of court proceedings against the Left leader, which involves a three-day jail sentence along with a Rs 10,000 fine for speaking out against a judge.

Taking his case to the people, from who he also requested donations of one rupee to fight his case, Mr Bose, who arrived in the Capital on Tuesday to file his appeal against the judgement in the apex court, stressed that he was not against the judiciary or against any judge.

He said that democracy stands on three pillars the legislature, executive and judiciary. If any one conflicted with the other, then it would harm democracy.

He said that he was only standing up for the rights of tribal people who had come to Kolkata to demand the inclusion of their Santhali language in the eighth schedule and were lathi charged.

Comparing the court judgement to the British rajs Rowlatt Act, Mr Bose said that no one could take away the peoples right to protest.

CPI-M general secretary Prakash Karat said the high courts judgements against Mr Bose was an infringement of the peoples democratic rights and should be supported by all.