Carter on a carpet of thorns

Written by The Financial Express | Updated: Apr 29 2008, 01:35am hrs
Its interesting to watch Jimmy Carters peace efforts in the Middle East (World view, Apr 26). Even at the age of about 83, the former US president and Nobel laureate is striving for what has proven elusive for decades. Trying to usher peace in the Middle East is like walking on a carpet of thorns. For this alone, Carter deserves a standing ovation.

Rajendra K Aneja, Dubai

Car rebuttal

Your report on car dealers (The postman may be your next car dealer, April 24), mentions that the department of posts is exploring this business proposition whereby Tata Motors and TVS will be in a position to increase their car dealership in rural areas. TVS Motors is in the two and three-wheeler manufacturing business, and is not interested in getting into the four-wheeler segment as of now.

Adrian Dass, TVS Motor Ltd

The error is regrettedEditor