Career Diversification Plan From ICICI Arm

Mumbai: | Updated: Nov 4 2003, 05:30am hrs
ICICI OneSource, a BPO services company, has rolled out a Career Diversification programme. The initiative is targeted at 4,000 contact centre employees of the organisation. The rationale is to provide qualified employees with professional development and career advancement opportunities across ICICI Group companies.

The initiative is designed to give qualified employees the opportunity to further advance their careers by moving to positions within the ICICI Group of companies, of which ICICI OneSource is one amongst them, said ICICI OneSource vice-president (HR) Aashu Calapa.

Under the Career Diversification programme, employees who have been with ICICI OneSource for more than 18 months can switch to positions at other ICICI Group companies after passing several internal tests. These career advancement opportunities will mainly be in industries such as insurance and banking. It includes positions in customer service, operations, sales and marketing.

This programme is part of our larger human resources strategy to maintain high levels of service, added Mr Calapa.

The HR effort is also expected to aid the company in recruiting and motivating highly skilled professionals who can provide round-the-clock, back-office support to large corporations.

The ability to move up the rank at ICICI OneSource or into other areas at one of our sister companies is a huge incentive to join our team and excel here. Its a crucial employee benefit that professionals can derive by being part of a large organisation, he added.

The recent DataQuest-IDC Employee Satisfaction Survey 2003 named ICICI OneSource as one of the top three most preferred employers in the industry,, among both captive and third party vendors.