Capgemini Starts 60-M Euro Global Branding Campaign

Mumbai, April 15 | Updated: Apr 16 2004, 05:30am hrs
Capgemini, the management, technology and outsourcing consultancy, has announced its new 60 million euro branding campaign, which reveals both a new positioning and a new identity and will continue until the end of the year.

According to a company release, as part of this launch, the company confirmed that its name has now changed, from Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, to Capgemini.

The campaigns starting point was research undertaken with clients, prospects, employees and analysts. The research showed that the consultancy market has fundamentally changed. Where capabilities such as technical know-how, industry expertise and the ability to execute were once key skills, the market today views these as basics or the cost of entry. Clients are increasingly interested in how the consultant will work with them, every bit as much as what they will do.

The consulting industry has traditionally been dominated by a small number of "power" type brands. Capgeminis new positioning centred around the Collaborative Business Experience, directly relates to the market research and introduces the industrys first experience based brand.

"The Collaborative Business Experience defines the way in which we work with our clients, partners and each other. Its about the experience clients will have when they engage Capgemini. Were focussing on the intangibles that make the difference in achieving tangible results; a collaborative approach, shared goals and simpler, more effective processes," said Joe Thomas, Global Collaborative Business Experience Leader at Capgemini.

The creative impetus for the campaign is simple; behind every success story there is collaboration. Rather than turning to house-hold names, Capgemini has chosen to highlight the people who usually remain in the shadows. Darren Cahill, coach of Andre Agassi and Tony Visconti, legendary producer of the David Bowie sound, are the first examples in the campaign launch. The 30 second TV commercial "the coach", as well as the print and outdoor campaign feature Darren Cahill, Andre Agassis coach and the person behind Agassis "second career" at the top. Tony Visconti, will appear in the print and outdoor campaign.

"We liked this creative concept as it fits perfectly with Capgeminis positioning with clients. We want clients to see us as the coach or collaborative force behind their success," said Florence Mairal, Capgeminis Global Communications Director. "Both Darren Cahill and Tony Visconti illustrate the benefits of long term collaboration and today are recognised as leaders in the own right."

The media investment will be concentrated on the US market, but also cover Europe (primarily France, the UK, Germany and The Netherlands) as well as the Asian market through pan-regional media.

A key part of the campaign is the focus on employee communications and professional development for the companys employees around the world. Capgeminis University at Chantilly, Les Fontaines, hosted the internal launch of the campaign for the companys senior executives in January.

"Investing in capability building for our people is part of our philosophy. Employees have welcomed the introduction of the Collaborative Business Experience enthusiastically. This is because were not introducing something unfamiliar to them," continued Joe Thomas "You cant teach a collaborative approach in a one-day course. For us its part of our DNA."