Cant spell right You could be too clever!

London, Aug 26 | Updated: Aug 27 2008, 05:44am hrs
Can't spell supersede correctly If you think you're stupid, you may be wrong. The consensus is that you are too clever, according to a new study.

A team of researchers for the Collins dictionary in Britain has carried out the study and found that people often misspelt a number of confusing words as they are actually too clever.

According to them, the most commonly misspelt English word is supersede many come up with supercede because of their knowledge of other words including intercede or precede, the Daily Mail reported. The same theory applies to other words like consensus, liquefy and sacrilegious, the study found.

The real spelling problems occur when people have learnt the rules or have a bit of knowledge, but make mistakes in how they apply this, Ian Brookes, the managing editor of dictionaries at Collins, was quoted as saying. In fact, the researchers found the commonly misspelt words after running thousands of documents through a software programme designed to pick up spelling mistakes.

Supersede was by far the most commonly misspelt word, although it was wrong only one time out of ten.

Consensus is frequently spelt incorrectly as concensus because the writer wrongly believes that it relates to the word census which comes from the Latin censere, to assess. When it comes to liquefy, many are tempted to spell it as liquify because they wrongly apply the spelling of liquid.