Cameron hints at radical reform of EU ties

Written by Reuters | Manchester (England) | Updated: Sep 30 2013, 07:03am hrs
British prime minister David Cameron suggested his government would roll out further tax cuts to try to woo voters ahead of a 2015 election and said Britain may end up leaving the European Convention on Human Rights.

In a TV interview on Sunday before the start of his ruling Conservative partys annual conference, Cameron said the two-party coalition he leads needed to keep cutting taxes and creating more jobs to cement a nascent economic recovery and help those struggling with the cost of living.

He also promised to stick to his governments plan to reduce the countrys large public deficit, saying: The only way to sustainably raise living standards is to keep the recovery going, and the economy is now moving, to keep on creating jobs ... to keep on cutting the deficit.

His government might cut taxes for those in society who earn the least, he suggested. I want to see us go on helping hard working people, particularly low paid people to keep more of their own money, to spend as they choose, he told BBC TV.

In comments that will please eurosceptic lawmakers in his own party but alarm those who oppose Britain loosening its ties with the European Union and other European institutions, he said his country may end up leaving the European Convention on Human Rights.

Such a move would come as part of what he called a radical renegotiation of Britains ties with European institutions and would be aimed at ensuring British governments were able to deport illegal immigrants and criminals, he said.