Bush resists growing pressure to curb global warming

Washington, Jan 19 | Updated: Jan 20 2007, 05:43am hrs
The battle over global warming is heating up with President George W Bush refusing to limit greenhouse gas emissions despite growing pressure from the Democrat-led Congress and around the world.

White House spokesman Tony Snow earlier this week said Bushs position on greenhouse gases remained unchanged, no matter what was reported by Britains weekly The Observer.

The publication quoted an unnamed top official with Prime Minister Tony Blairs administration saying that Bush was preparing to announce a major climate policy change in his state of the union address on January 23. Its not accurate, Snow said at one of his daily press briefings. If you are talking about enforceable carbon caps, in terms of industry-wide and nation-wide, we knocked that down. Thats not something were talking about, he stressed. Look, well have a state of the union address in a week and well lay out our policy on global warming, he told reporters referring to the presidents annual speech before Congress.

In his 2006 state of the union address, Bush implicitly acknowledged the United States contribution to global warming: we have a serious problem: America is addicted to oil, he said.