Build research climate

Updated: Aug 31 2006, 05:30am hrs
Hema V Raghavan is absolutely right in her views that we are nowhere near achieving excellence in higher education (‘Excellence in higher education’ (Aug 28). We are producing more and more engineers, technologists and managers, but not enough scientists in the country.

The top-ranking students opt for either engineering or medicine, but not the pure sciences. The lamentable fact is that no one takes the science stream with the intention of going into research.
Students are attracted by the money and job opportunities that the other streams provide. This has resulted in the erosion of fundamental research in our country. If this situation continues, we may lag behind in the creation of new knowledge, scientific theories and discoveries.
For top-notch students to be drawn to the science stream, what is required is a conducive research climate and facilities.
K Ganesan

Double standards
Apropos the editorial ‘Double-take’ (Aug 29) which gives an account of how the so-called brotherly governments of Kerala and West Bengal, sharing the same political ideology, behave. Apart from this, the communists have cultivated the art of double-speak. They don’t feel ashamed to invite capital from the private sectors in West Bengal, but when it comes to the Centre, they oppose it vociferously. Why adopt such dual standards
Naval Langa