Brilliant Interview

Updated: Nov 8 2003, 05:30am hrs
The interview on the cartooning industry in India (Oct 6) was a brilliant one. Overseas Indians like me, who are usually supplied with vague and irrelevant stuff by the great “phoren” print and electronic media, really get to understand the developments back home through the write-ups and interviews of your staffers. I wish to congratulate all of you at FE.
— R Kombra, Dubai, UAE

Mirage Of SSI Credit
The RBI’s efforts to guarantee credit to small-scale industries seems more of an exercise that would forever remain on paper. Let us read between the lines first. RBI has issued guidelines for increasing the loan limit from Rs 15 lakh to Rs 25 lakh. This does sound too good to be true. However, the catch is that the decision depends entirely on the discretion of banks.
Considering the fact that left to their discretion banks would never favour SSIs with the desired capital, the guidelines would forever remain a pipe dream. If RBI really wants to assist SSIs, more stringent measures are required than mere guidelines.
Sanjay Kaul

Voter Contact
As per reports, several political parties have hired private agencies to contact voters through SMS/e-mail/telephone calls etc. This kind of contact is a public nuisance and must be banned by Election Commissioner since these e-modes of communication is for private rather than public purposes. Already, there is a nuisance of advertisement calls. Is there any check on it
Also personal information should not be given on telephone for security reasons to strangers. UK has introduced recently a legislation where no advertisement/marketing calls are allowed to all and sundry. Such measures are required here too. In fact, the government must ban by suitable legislation all such calls.
Mahesh Kumar

Sri Lankan Crisis
The constitutional crisis in Sri Lanka because of the President and Prime Minister belonging to rival parties should be taken as a warning signal for other democratic countries following similar systems. India’s other neighbour Pakistan has witnessed overthrowing of the elected Prime Minister by the executive head several times. It is fortunate that India was able to select APJ Abdul Kalam as President by consensus of different political parties. But in the future, such happenings in India should not be ruled out because of increasing disharmony and ambitions of Indian politicians.
The global need is to formulate a well-studied democratic system to be recommended by the United Nations and adopted universally by all countries having democratic form of governance. The UN can invite suggestions apart from studying systems followed by different countries.
Subhash Chandra Agrawal