Breaking the nuclear jinx

Updated: Jul 31 2007, 03:44am hrs
India and the US have broken the nuclear jinx at last. While India respects the US insistence on the right to revoke fuel and technology transfers in case the former conducts a nuclear test, the latter should understand that only a circumstance in which hostile powers like Pakistan conduct nuclear blasts would force India to do likewise to safeguard its security interests. So, the US has the responsibility of keeping tabs on countries like Pakistan as well.

P Senthil Saravana Durai Hyderabad

Grossly unfair

It is not the first time that Kiran Bedi has been bypassed (The chicken duniya disease, July 28) as a senior for the post of Police Commissioner, Delhi. We have a dysfunctional administrative system, and the cardinal principle of seniority-cum-merit has frequently been breached. There are large numbers of cases in Central as well as state appointments where deviation from this principle has been the norm instead of exception. Bedi has been ignored, and even if this is not because of gender bias, it has not only demoralised her but also the entire police rank and file. This is grossly unfair.

SK Khosla Chandigarh


There is no plan to ask government employees who have joined service before January 1, 2004, to switch over to the new pension system (NPS), as reported in FE on July 27. There is neither any plan to give employees who joined service after January 1, 2004 to opt out of the NPS. The error is regretted.