Branded Players Face An Uphill Task

Mumbai: | Updated: Oct 30 2002, 05:30am hrs
Not all products that come with impressive brand names necessarily sell. At least thats what the survey titled Growth imperatives for branded atta and dahi conducted by Market Explore Worldwide (MEW) seems to suggest. For, according to the survey, there is a major challenge that brands from product categories like wheat (atta) and curds (dahi) will now face while leveraging their presence in Indian households, specially the SEC B segment.

Says MEW India Ltd principal consultant Vivian Rivetto: Indian households are yet to accept the concept that branded wheat and curds can deliver purity, freshness and quality. This is because the primary target audience, specially Indian women, still believe in personal effort while fetching these products for their families.

Explains Mr Rivetto: Branded products have an onerous task to establish themselves, more so since the brands do not explicitly communicate a high level of personal involvement that the target consumers expect from such product categories.

According to the survey, the other hindrance for branded players, (specially in packaged dahi) is competition from unorganised players.Branded dahi is available only in standard packsizes and, therefore, it restricts the consumers choice in terms of quantity, he says.

Explains Mr Rivetto: Along with communicating purity as the positioning, the brands also need to communicate how they can have a high level of personal involvement.

The other major thrust, according to the survey, has to be in the domain of Point of Purchase at the retail end where the brands need to demonstrate how they do not take away the Indian womens need for individual monitoring while purchasing the brands.

As for branded curds they need to expand the number of packaging options and align the initiatives with integrated brand-building strategies so as to combat the unorganised market and effectively stay afloat, says Mr Rivetto.

In terms of specific marketing strategies for branded atta, Mr Rivetto affirms that the players have to incorporate some emotional attributes rather than merely latching on health as a positioning statement for the brands.