BPO still the most searched topic

New Delhi, May 29 | Updated: May 30 2007, 05:30am hrs
BPO, or business process outsourcing, may have sounded Greek to most Indians when the so called call centres emerged in the country in the early 90s, but today the abbreviation is searched for on Google in India more often than in any other country. Information technology is Googled more than BPO is all other countriesIndia being the only exception.

A 'BPO' search history on Google Trends shows India is followed by Nepal, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Belgium. Surprisingly, Indian cities occupy all the top 10 slots searched most frequently. Gurgaon has topped the chart, with Noida and Indore getting the second and third spots, respectively.

'BPO' search was found to be at its peak in 2005. The maximum number of searches are done in the Tamil version of the search engine, followed by Hindi, Telugu and Bengali. French and English come at the seventh and eighth positions, respectively.

When it comes to information technology search, India slips down to ninth place, even below Sri Lanka and Jamaica. Though countries like Uganda , Zimbabwe and Tanzania are the leaders in this segment, in the city-wise search, Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai grab the top three slots, followed by Karachi, Lahore, Bangalore and Chennai.

English doesn't feature in the list of top 10 languages searching for the word 'Information Technology', whereas Hindi, Bengali and Telugu are positioned at number five, six and seven, respectively.

While India is riding high on the telecom success story, the country doesn't seem to be looking for the word in the virtual world. Though neighbour Pakistan searches for 'telecom' more than we do, the word is quite often looked for in Bengali language version of Google. English again is missing from the list.