BPCL Launches Highway Marketing Drive

Mumbai: | Updated: Nov 10 2003, 05:30am hrs
Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd (BPCL) has launched a three-week festival to drive home the highway retailing venture Ghar. The event named Ghar Hungama comprises events, health check-ups and rewards primarily aimed at drivers frequenting Ghar outlets on major highways across the country.

Senior officials at BPCL said the event is aimed at projecting Ghar outlets as not just a fuelling station but a complete destination for drivers. Ghar Hungama will continue till November 15. The event, being held across all the 48 Ghar outlets across the country, aims to project Ghar as a home away from home for drivers, said the official.

Ghar is the highway retailing venture of BPCL. Spread across major highways in the country, the 48 outlets act as a one-stop shop for fuelling, food and rest for drivers. The event aims to highlight the point through a series of events which are planned across the Ghar outlets. The events comprise entertainment for the drivers in the form of movies to be shown during weekends and involving local schools in the vicinity to stage dramas and mimicry at the outlets.

There are rewards which will be given for purchasing a certain quantity of fuel besides that for medical check-ups for drivers. The rewards in these cases are essential items of use like toothpaste, brushes or blades required by them, the official said.