Boys joyride last 18 hours

Beijing, Jan 18 | Updated: Jan 19 2007, 05:31am hrs
A 12-year-old disgruntled Chinese boy has survived 18 hours of biting cold after he travelled 1,167 kilometres on top of a running train.

The boy was discovered at Jinan railway station in the eastern Shandong Province after an 18-hour journey, Qilu Evening News reported. The boy was shivering with cold when found. The police immediately took him to their office to warm up. The boy, identified as Wang, left home in Hangzhou, east Chinas Zhejiang province, in a fit of pique after a quarrel with his family. With no money, he sneaked into the railway station and climbed on to the top of a train heading to Qiqihar.

Staff at the Jinan railway station said the train stopped at there at 9:23 am. A staff member noticed the boy just as the train was about to depart.