Bodhtree Launches ePaper For Print Media

Hyderabad | Updated: Sep 10 2004, 05:30am hrs
The Hyderabad-based Bodhtree Consulting Ltd, engaged in IT consulting, product development and system integration, has for the first time launched an ePaper publishing solution for the newspaper and magazine industry. It provides the widest range of features to enable the printing industry to offer a complete newspaper experience on the web to its subscribers.

Some benefits include increased ABC (audit bureau of circulation) audited circulation, wider subscriber base, maintaining brand consistency, online subscription revenue, online advertising revenue, extended print ad revenue, complete content to online subscribers, user profile and automatic digital archival.

Sanjiv Gupta, chief executive officer of Bodhtree Consulting said ePaper web edition solution had advanced features on reading, search and navigation, and multimedia and interactive areas.

Reading feature will have options like click-to-open, zoom, print, refer-a-friend, bookmark and overflow links. Search and navigate feature will have options like advanced search, page navigation links, page index, article index and ePaper archives. Multimedia and interactive feature would had click-to-listen, multimedia streaming and URL and e-mail links, he said.

The solution also has innovative advertising options like Geo Ads, a patent pending feature allowing newspapers to display location-based ads to its online subscribers. Ads are replaced dynamically based on the country the ePaper is being viewed from. In addition to that, there was another feature called animated ads, that facilitated animated ads on the regular newspaper layout, and ad retention, Mr Gupta said.

Currently most newspapers and magazines deliver news to online subscribers via their own websites, which fail to retain the original print layout that subscribers identify the newspaper with.

Moreover, high value premium ads of the print edition were not carried over to online news portal, thus scuttling the visibility and shelf life of print ads, translating into missed revenue opportunities, he pointed out.

Our technology offers highly-advanced search options and navigation from pages of a days edition to previous days edition and even to other editions of the publication including click-to-open feature to open an article, advertisement or a photograph on a page, Mr Gupta elaborated.

The solution allows newspapers to profile their subscriber base by tracking their reading behaviour like what stories were read, what advertisements were looked at and how many pages of the newspaper were turned, and use the same for market intelligence to advertisers.

Newspapers and magazines can enhance their audited circulation figures by leveraging the recent bylaws and rules of ABC that allows electronic edition to be accounted as sold edition, he pointed out.