Bodhtree Develops Storage Solution For Historical Archives

Hyderabad: | Updated: Nov 26 2003, 05:30am hrs
Bodhtree Consulting Ltd, engaged in e-enablement solution and data digitisation, has developed Content e-Enablement Solution (CeS) to digitise historical archives stored in print, microfilm, microfiche media, books, newspapers and magazine formats. The storage solution is claimed to ensure a cost-effective archival and instant retrieval process.

Addressing the press conference here, Bodhtree Consulting CEO Sanjiv Gupta, said that the company uses Web Services framework to digitise various printed historic valuables. The new solution help to scan, enhance and search historical archives. They also enable the historic valuables to be put into the broader format for people who would like to read the historic events or matters which appeared in any form of print, he said.

Using Web Services framework, the company integrates all the end-to-end solutions while conserving in digital format. The new solution helps those corporates and individuals to easily retrieve and access the historic events, photographs, data and graphs, they need to analyse and use for their own purpose, Mr Gupta pointed out.