BoB Net Profit Up 21%

Mumbai, Jan 30: | Updated: Jan 31 2004, 05:30am hrs
Bank of Baroda (BoB) has reported a 20.67 per cent rise in its net profit for the third quarter of 2003-04 at Rs 306.95 crore, compared to Rs 254.38 crore during the corresponding period last fiscal. Net profit for the first nine months was 810.98 crore (Rs 574.44 crore), reflecting a 41.18 per cent jump.

The bank has made higher provisioning at Rs 333.22 crore (Rs 276.52 crore) in the third quarter, and at Rs 978.38 crore (Rs 722.52 crore) in the nine month period.

Operating profit rose 20.58 per cent in the third quarter at Rs 640.17 crore (Rs 530.90 crore). For the nine month period, operating profit was Rs 1,789.36 crore (rs 1,296.96 crore).

Total Income rose to Rs 1,966.80 crore in Q3 (Rs 1,905 crore). Total interest earned was Rs 1,517.39 crore (Rs 1,530 crore). Net Interest Margin showed a growth of 18.96 per cent during the quarter. Total Expenditure aggregated Rs 1,326.63 crore (Rs 1,374.10 crore), showing a reduction of 3.45 per cent.

Banks net non-performing assets stood at 3.46 per cent (at Rs 1128.77 crore) as on December 31, 2003, came down 4.01 per cent (from Rs 1353.47 crore) as on December 31, 2002. BoB has implemented the 90-day delinquency norms (as compared to 180-day delinquency norms used hitherto) from December 2003. The net NPAs on the basis of 180-day delinquency norms work out to only 2.93 per cent as against Net NPAs of 3.46 per cent on the basis of 90-day delinquency norms.