BJP should reflect diversity of country: Narendra Modi, launches digital membership drive

Written by PTI | New Delhi | Updated: Nov 2 2014, 15:04pm hrs
Launching BJP's digital membership drive, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today made a strong pitch for the party to reach out to all sections of the society so that it represented the full diversity of the country.

Enrolling himself as the first member of the party in the renewed technologically-enabled campaign after BJP's recent poll victories, Modi wanted the drive to be made all inclusive so that all sections of the society feel their "flower" is represented in this "bouquet" of the party.

The comments assume significance as BJP is mainly seen as a party confined to Hindus and Hindi heartland.

"Our country is full of diversity. BJP should also be seen as full of diversity. The bouquet of crores of BJP workers should be such that people from all regions should feel that their flower is also represented in this bouquet," he said at a function at the BJP headquarters to launch the drive which will continue till March 31 next.

"People from all sections should feel their representative is also part of this bouquet. The party's expansion should be such that it should touch everyone and have widest reach," he added.

Modi asked the party cadres to be public representatives in the true sense by living up to the people's expectations from the ruling party.

He called upon the partymen to have members in each of the 6 lakh villages in the country and ensure that no section is left out and remains unrepresented.

Modi noted that people's expectations from political leaders and parties have changed over the years and they now expect them to play an important role in public life and help improve their lives.

Contending that BJP has raced ahead of its rivals in the country, he told the party cadres to reach out to all sections of the society so as it represents the country's true diversity.

"The era of mass agitations for politics seems over...Now people expect parties and their leaders to play significant role in public life," he said.

Dispelling notions that politics is dirty, the Prime Minister said had it been so Mahatma Gandhi would not have associated himself with it and called upon partymen to involve all sections with the party or "flaws will remain in democracy".

Making full use of the digital technology, Modi dialled a toll-free number and called upon people across the country to join him in doing so.

BJP President Amit Shah said the party's aim is to have three times its current membership from the current 3.5 crore.