BJP praises Darul Ulooms anti-terrorism comments

Written by Political Bureau | New Delhi, Feb 26 | Updated: Feb 27 2008, 03:54am hrs
The Darul Ulooms denouncement of terrorism that it is un-Islamic found appreciation by BJP, but in a couched response the party said the announcement would become meaningful only if ground realities changed and the number of Islamic terror incidents gets reduced.

Intending not to lose sight of its terror plank in the run-up to the general elections early next year, the BJP viewed Ulooms stand just a lip service and said it might not have any impact in reducing the number terrorist incidents in the country.

They said Islam does not permit terrorism. If it can be put in practice, it will be most welcome, BJP spokesman VK Malhotra told reporters here.

But world-over Islamic terrorism has increased. It will be good if they can create awareness among the community members about this all over the country, he said.

Malhotra further said people, including medical and engineering students, have been caught in places like West Bengal and Hyderabad for having terror links.People in the country are now getting into it. Earlier, external forces like the ISI were fostering terrorism here, he said.

The clerics of Deoband on Monday in a meeting at Saharanpur in UP denounced terrorism in one voice and said Islam did not preach violence.