BIS sets up panel to fix soft drinks standards

Chennai, Oct 28 | Updated: Oct 29 2004, 05:54am hrs
The Drink and Carbonated Beverages Sectional Committee of the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is setting up a core committee to finalise the standards for soft drinks by December this year.

A decision to this effect was taken at the committees meeting held here.

The meeting ratified the standards for alcoholic drinks. However a months time was given to the excise department to raise any objections or amendments, informed sources said.

No representatives of BIS or the committee chairman spoke to media persons who have been waiting, expecting finalisation of the standards for soft drinks.

However, the members of non-governmental and consumer organisations gave some details about the discussions and decisions taken in the meeting.

Ms Sunita Narain, Director of Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi, Mr Brijon Mishra, chairman of Consumer Co-ordination Council, New Delhi, and Mr R Desikan Trustee Consumers Association of India, Chennai, said, the key issues of discussion were setting standards for caffeine ip content, pesticide residue and heavy metals in soft drinks. Labelling was another major subject of discussion.

They said the industry representatives expressed their reservations based on the Indian conditions of contaminated water and sugar. These and other issues would be scientifically analysed by the core committee. It will submit its report to BIS committee which would formally set the standards, they said.