Bike Owners Give Thumps Up To Bajaj, TVS: Survey

New Delhi, May 22: | Updated: May 23 2003, 05:30am hrs
Bajaj Auto and TVS Motor motorcycle models record segment-leading ownership costs/km in a survey by NFO Automotive.

Looking at the motorcycle industry in four segments standard, executive, premium, and cruiser the survey takes into account motorcycle price, engine capacity, and the extent of cross shopping to demarcate models that form a competitive set. The models leading their respective segments on cost/km were: Bajaj Boxer in the standard segment, TVS Victor for the executive segment, TVS Fiero and Bajaj Pulsar were co-ranked best in the premium segment and Bajaj Eliminator won out in the cruiser segment.

The study is based on responses from over 5,400 motorcycle owners during the first three years of ownership. The ownership cost analysis takes into account costs of fuel, routine maintenance, repairs, and insurance. The average annual ownership cost for the total industry is Rs 11,262.

While owners of executive motorcycles spend the least on average, cruiser motorcycle owners spend the most with an annual cost of Rs 13,727.

The gap in absolute costs is expected given that the insurance cost increases in direct proportion to the motorcycle price, said NFOs general manager Rajeev Lochan.

TVS Victors industry-leading cost of Re 0.56 per km is clearly a result of its owners recording the industry-best fuel efficiency of 61.9 km/litre, adds Mr Lochan.