Bharti Scraps CDMA For Basic Phony

Hyderabad: | Updated: May 31 2002, 05:30am hrs
The Bharti group has decided against introducing CDMA-based limited mobility services as the present situation does not warrant entry into the segment.

The company, which had kept the issue close to its chest, was studying for quite sometime the advantages and disadvantages in introducing the service for its basic telephony customers.

There are a few important aspects in CDMA area including that of shrinking phenomenon (congestion) during the peak hours, voice clarity, network intelligence apart from rental and tariffs, which according to Bharti, calls for greater attention, continuous upgradation of technology and higher investments.

Bharti, through its internal survey, also found that there are only a few companies which manufacture quality CDMA handsets in the world. As the CDMA handset price is costly and prices are not expected to come down immediately, the company may find it difficult to woo the customers.

The company, which has got licences to operate basic services in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, New Delhi, Madhya Pradesh and Haryana, has no plans to introduce the CDMA service anywhere now, they said.

It is not, however, clear as to how Bharti will react if the competition opts for CDMA and offers limited mobility to the customers.